Prevention of communicable skin conditions:

See NFHS Wrestling Rules Book pages 60 to 62.  This covers prevention very



    Treat with antifungal cream.  Lamisil is the best OTC antifungal cream
available.  Apply twice a day until clear, then continue treatment for 1
more week.  Put cream on starting from the outside working toward the
center.  stopping treatment early will cause fungus to grow again & it may
become harder to treat.  If ringworm is inside the hairline, see your doctor

Cold sores  or matt herpes:

    If sore is on or borders on the lips, treat with Abreva cream.  Apply 5
times a day for about 5 to 7 days.  If sore is somewhere else on the face,
see your doctor for Valtrex or Zovirax oral treatment.  Do not self treat
sores that aren't on the lips--see your doctor ASAP!

Psoriasis & eczema:

    Have your doctor fill out a NFHS physician release for skin lesions.

Boils or severe acne:

    See your doctor for treatment.  A severe boil may be caused by MRSA
(pronounced mursa) & early treatment is vital.

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